Data Centres, Hotels and corporate offices alike have a keen interest in understanding their electricity bills, where on the electrical system power is being measured and most importantly, where any inefficiencies lay. KIPO have a strong expertise in this field and specialising in increasing power supply efficiency with harmonic measurements.

Power quality and metering analysers are used for the continuous measurement and monitoring of the voltage quality according to international standards such as BS EN 61000-2-4. Part of this is the short-time and long-time flicker. Voltage dips, peaks and transients are also recorded. The Power Quality Analysers are equipped with sufficient memory, so that the measurement values can be stored for a long period of time.

Pervious projects where we have implemented Meter Management


Sheraton Park Lane

Old Admiralty Building

Google Data Centre 

Sberbank Data Centre

Gmac Data Centre

Reading Data Centre

Network Rail Data Centre 

IBM Warwick Data Centre

Transport for London Data Centre

Southampton Data Centre

West Burton Power Station

Global Switch Amsterdam

Farnborough Data Centre

Garrison Data Centre