Why undertake a building services design check?

  We assess whether the concepts and project specifications are buildable, and respond by providing workable design solutions. It is often the case that these issues are only discovered later down the line. Our due diligence reviews of building services designs provide you with a piece of mind. 

KIPO will provide you with the expertise needed to understand the complexity of MEP services or electrical services design.

The benefit of our proposed report enables notice to be given to the landlords to correct the installations at their own costs, and to seek a way of understanding the potential costs to you - should you take on board the corrections in-house. 

The report itself would have executive summary, introductions, method and approach, data gathering, photographic evidence of condition and proposed recommendations and conclusions.

What we provide 

We propose workable design solutions on the findings of our investigations -


✔ MEP or electrical review of the project specifications and drawings

✔ Pre-tender, tender and post-tender checks

✔ Proposed corrective actions

✔ Budget cost estimates to repair the design assessment

✔ Lay persons summary of the condition of the MEP design

✔ O&M Manual Reviews

✔ The suitability of services prior to hand-over

✔  Completeness of the commissioning and certifications

✔ Maintainability

✔ Visual condition report of the services

✔ Function of the fire systems

✔ Potential disruption after hand over

✔ Defects lists

✔ Comments and suggestions on energy efficiency

MEP design health checks

Carrying out overall design checks, by engineers with more than 30 years experience is the best way to ensure your projects' MEP and electrical service designs meet the required standard of deliverables.

Here is an example of an unsuitable design to tender, with our review undertaken and request for correction of a 3rd Party design.



Why are building services and electrical systems conditions checks important?

Having an MEP services or an electrical systems conditions check is crucial to maintain the safe and continued running of the overall building, whilst helping you forecast ahead for future CapEx spending.

With KIPO, you can expect an experienced group of engineers who understand the consequences of when the MEP or electrical services start to fail, compromising safety and daily operations over time.

What we provide

We propose workable solutions in our reports on the findings of our survey work - 

  ✔ MEP or electrical visual and/or intrusive condition survey reports

✔ Building survey and report

✔ Budget cost estimates for repairs

✔ Review remaining on life expectancy

MEP health checks

Conducting overall conditions checks on MEP services is key to ensuring the continued, safe and efficient running of a building .
Our experienced team are here to provide viable solutions to challenges as well as proposals to accommodate for future expansion projects.

Examples of our findings

A Thermal Image camera picks up 35 year old cables constantly glowing at 106°C

Survey of live bars in modern UK buildings

Other survey services we provide

✔ Record Drawing Technical Review and Replacements

✔ O&M Manual Reviews

✔ Testing Commissioning Witnessing

✔ Undertaking thermal imaging tests

✔ Carrying out Power Quality survey work

✔ 3D image to CAD drawing of existing services

✔ RIBA stage 4 detail design pre-construction and construction issue information review/work

✔ BMS strategy reports before realisation

✔ Meter Management and Electrical Load assessments

✔ Building Load assessments

✔ Assessments on the suitability of a proposed Low Energy Solution, such as PV, Voltage Optimisation, Power Factor, CHP and others

✔ Substation sizing and suitability reviews

✔ Switchgear replacement projects

✔ Chiller replacement projects

✔ BMS replacement or upgrade projects

✔ Electrical wiring upgrade or replacement projects.

✔ Continuity of Power or Single point of failure assessments

✔ Coordination of MEP services reports

✔ Fault finding survey work

✔ Project stage sequencing

✔ Electrical project upgrades where client power must remain on

✔ Hot cable and remaining life expectancy reviews

✔ Breakers always tripping survey