Medium Voltage Power Systems Designers

Having been appointed on a comprehensive number of projects, KIPO have extensive HV, MV and heavy power distribution design experience.  Whether in 1.5GW power stations, 9MWe Energy Centres, 48MW Data Centres, the London 2012 Olympic sports venues, 22kV Singapore Gardens by the Bay network, Live Hotel Electrical Substation upgrades; our team confidently delivers the specialist engineering solutions needed for your project.

Live building and client electrical refurbishments designed in stages to mitigate and limit or completely eliminate power losses during works.  Substation and Switchroom upgrades in live sites such as data centres, hotels and hospitals have strategic stage sequence drawings developed to limit downtime of power to the customer.  

The key to effective MV technical knowledge, is to have an in depth yet holistic understanding of infrastructure, tier and topology, power dependability, relay and Scada controls and panels schedules listing CT's, VT's, relays, VCB or SF6 equipment.

Low Energy, High, Medium and Low Voltage Heavy Power Systems Engineers

We pride our service in providing quality engineering that works for our clients with the following topics: - 

  • Low Energy and Renewable Design

  • HV/LV replacement and new installations 

  • Power generation and generator load acceptance calculations. (Including loss of mains relays such as G59/3 protection for soft mains return and short-term paralleling)

  • 11kV substations/ transformers/ switchboards (fixed pattern and demountable)

  • Specialist protection engineering, including protection studies and switching cause and effect with dedicated computer models, built to carry out power flow analysis anticipating the different switching scenarios, including mains, generator and loss of generator(s) conditions. Directional protection and earth fault charges in condition requires studies to capture worst case scenarios for the fault to be picked up by relays

  • Discrimination, selectivity, protection, grading studies including protective device/ relay/ trip unit selection, grading calculations, transformer damage curves, generator decrement curve to suit either the Ansi or IEC codes

  • HV breaker selectivity, including MICOM P range of relays, restrictive earth fault, bias differential protection, VAR's reversal, neutral voltage displacement, voltage vector shift, rate of change of frequency, voltage resistant over-current and directional protection

  • LV breaker selectivity, including manufactures coordination of breakers guidelines. Selection of main ACB protection coordinated with the transformer protection, modelling of the actual ACB trip unit used (Micrologic or similar), selecting the correct downstream devices to achieve discrimination, carrying out detailed review of the largest items of plant (in terms of achieving discrimination) often chillers or UPS. Section of coordinated downstream trip units, load calculations, cable sizing to suit breaker/ relay/ trip unit selected and single point of failure analysis

  • Short-circuit studies to BS EN 60909

  • Site survey work to establish settings/installation to coordinate new with existing

  • Cable sizing calculations

  • EMC studies

  • Harmonic studies

  • Generator - UPS relationships, including inadvertent battery mode, UPS load acceptance, UPS harmonics, co-ordination of the protection surrounding the UPS, generator and UPS walk in