High, Medium and Low Voltage Design

The expertise needed to carry out high voltage, medium voltage and heavy low voltage power systems design requires experience and specialist knowledge of the subject.   The highly skilled designer needs to understand infrastructure, the space needed around switchboards to enable safe access.   We provide switch-room layouts, when considering the dissipation of heat around the equipment.  Of consideration is the cable sizing and method of install and the utility origin of incoming power supply characteristics.    Often specialist power quality correction equipment such as power factor correction and harmonic filters needs to consider ventilation and/or cooling preventing over-heating within the switch-room.  Complex DC controls, a single point of failure and protection is assessed and drawn as a solution.   The layouts of the switch-rooms have to consider underground cable ducts, or overhead ladder racks, pit and duct, earthing layouts, small power, security and lighting.    

Power Disruptions Survey, Measurement and Reports

Investigating and preventing further unwanted power disruptions, requires a highly experienced power systems engineer. The understanding of how the entire power systems works, to recommend a solution is key.  It is commonly the case that power systems become unstable, experience unwanted failures such as tripping of breakers or the failure of equipment. 

The specialist skills needed to carry out a health check and provide the correct solution is rare, as the prevention of nuisance tripping and fault finding can lead to adopting poorly considered actions which only hide the true problem in need of remedy.  We commonly find at situations that are 
difficult to assess, such as over-heating of cables and equipment, is often misunderstood in terms of potential impact and left to chance awaiting a future solution and expense.   

We offer a comprehensive health check on your electrical systems, giving an honest appraisal of your equipment, in terms of remain life expectancy, condition, functionality, Safety, Fit for Purpose and maintainability.    Our reports, are objective and can identify solutions and costs of repair, and ensure the reduction of business disruption to the customer.