Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and Harmonics

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards commonly require a strategic study before installations are designed to ensure the correct standard is adopted. 

The EMC topic covers, harmonic calculations, power quality and harmonic survey, physical separation of cables with different voltages and surge immunity of the electrical installations.

We are regularly commissioned to establish a brief to comply with a very complex set of standards.

The human body is not designed to tolerate long term exposure to high levels of Electromagnetic Field (EMF). EMF surveys and reports are used to detect magnetic fields in areas of work, or hotels and places considered to be safe havens from surrounding energy fields.

We provide EMF surveys of areas near substations, transformers, high voltage aging cables, undersized equipment and mobile phone masts. Our reports comply with the World Health Organization guidelines for EMF exposures from the introduction of new technologies and identify the areas which are unsafe zones that require an in-depth survey.