Employing the best in Data Centre Engineering experience

 Data Centre Engineers commonly require a level of knowledge focused on continuity of power supply and service to the customer.  
The skills needed to understand, design or to review an installation from a single points of failure requires a rare level of technical expertise not to be underestimated.
Our team of skilled in Data Centres services engineers deliver workable solutions for customers through thorough reports and health checks.  


Data Centre Projects

Megafon Data Centre Russia     (20MW 10kV/LV)    Concept Design
Google Data Centre       (4MW 11kV/LV)      Technical Review
Sberbank Data Centre      (22MW 50kV/20kV) Technical Review
Gmac Data Centre         (7MW LV)      Detailed Design
Reading Data Centre        (2MW LV)        Design to tender
Network Rail Data Centre      (1MW LV)      Detailed Design

Garrison Data Centre       (6MW 11kV/LV)    Detailed Design
Farnborough Data Centre     (4.8MW 11kV/LV)    Detailed Design
Aquila Data Centre        (10MW 11kV/LV)      Concept Design
Symptosis Data Centre Russia   (20MW 10kV/LV)    Feasibility Study
Global Switch Amsterdam     (22MW 50kV/10kV)  Detailed Design
IBM Warwick Data Centre     (7MW 11kV/LV)       Detailed Design