KIPO are CHP consultants, with the expertise to understand the engineering behind the systems. 

We are asked to design new CHP systems as well as to look at existing ones that are not operating effectively, with a view to propose solutions that will allow properties to make effective use of their CHP schemes.

Case Studies

CLIENT: City of Westminster College

MAIN CONTRACTOR: McLaren Construction Group

PROJECT: City of Westminster College

VALUE: £200,000.00

SECTOR: Education

LOCATION: London, England



We were asked by McLaren Construction Group to perform a review of a non-operational CHP system in order to propose a solution to allow the property to regain use of the scheme. Our solution was come to an agreement with the utility provider to export power to the grid, thereby ensuring the CHP system would continue to function without tripping. In addition, KIPO modified the design of the 400kVA CHP system with additional BMS controls added to ensure heat rejection was minimised.

CLIENT: Homerton University Hospital

MAIN CONTRACTOR: Balfour Beatty Engineering Services

PROJECT: Homerton University Hospital CHP Design

VALUE: £2.8m

SECTOR: Healthcare

LOCATION: London, England



We were asked by BBES to perform a review of the CHP system at the Homerton University Hospital. KIPO designed a 400KVA CHP system to go within a live boiler room, with pipework adjustments and new gas supply coupled directly to the incoming power.



PROJECT: Excel Energy Centre - Generators & CHP

VALUE: £5m

SECTOR: Energy Centres

LOCATION: Royal Victoria Dock, London



KIPO was appointed by COFELY to complete the refurbishment of the energy centre for the Excel Centre. The project included the design of 2 new 2mW CHP engines along with medium and low voltage systems. In addition, this project involved the negotiation of a 9/8mW export power agreement with SSE and the incoming grid operator. KIPO were also responsible for designing the new controls systems including BMS systems and providing new lighting and emergency lighting designs.