Mechanical Services Design

Plant room strategy replacements require a high level of expertise and technical design in order to deliver a successful staged installation. KIPO consistently deliver to this standard whilst also recognising the key objective of mitigating client disruption.

This is an example of a boiler room that needed to change it's old plant. KIPO were appointed to design the new plantroom strategy and produced these boiler replacement images.


Boilers Infrastructure Design 

Boiler schematics and layout drawings come as second nature to us. Implementing these schemes takes a field of specialist engineering expertise in GAS, BMS and Pipework designs.

Plant Room Design

Plant room drawings undertaken as double line, ready for build and sized correctly with a care and attention needed for a successful project. 


Plant room before

An old plant room stripped back to a skeleton diagram, before work was undertaken.

Plant room after

Through careful skill and consideration, KIPO produced the finished plant room scheme.