PROJECT: West Burton Power Station - 1.5GW - 6.6kV and major LV systems

VALUE: £1.5bn

SECTOR: Power Stations

LOCATION: West Burton, England



Project Description

KIPO was appointed by SPIE as a consultant to carry out a (1.5GW) with 23MW of critical MV/LV distribution design for EDF CIT France. Lead technical sizing notes for all the EBOP (Electrical Balance of Plant) for a new build power station including, UPS, DC batteries, transformers, switchgears, cable sizing, detailed short circuit studies, selectivity, earthing and emergency generators.


Detailed design technical sizing notes comprised of:

  • The stations multiple UPS systems
  • Transformer sizing calculations
  • Cable sizing calculations
  • Equipment schedules
  • Lighting

The DC systems and Invertors were configured to a 2N system configuration, using IGBT technology, power generation systems for standby and mains synchronised.  

KIPO also carried out load list reviews in respect of establishing the detailed design criteria and critical factors involved by ensuring transformers, generators and UPS do not become overloaded.  

In addition, short circuit studies & Protection and Selectivity studies were carried out.  The discrimination study involved generator, transformer inrush current relay grading margins, generator load acceptance calculations, DC load and battery sizing reviews, report writing and presentation. Sizing notes provided on the diesel generators, all the MV/LV and LV/LV transformers and UPS.