CLIENT: Singapore Government CGP

PROJECT: Singapore Gardens By The Bay

VALUE: S$1.5 Bn

SECTOR: Leisure

LOCATION: Singapore

Project Description

KIPO were appointed as infrastructure lead to design a 14MVA incoming power supply to the project delivered at 22kV, for Singapore Gardens by the Bay. The design incorporated 11kV 1.6mW of Combined Heating & Power (CHP) with Biomass fuel and absorption chillers. As the project involved a client owned 22kV network distribution system, an additional 4mW of standby diesel generation was utilized for emergency purposes for the development.  

There was complex liaison with the Singapore Power Grid in terms of power quality, and Energy Centre management. Heavy power designs included both 22kV and 11kV distribution systems, with motorized breaker control, nine new distribution transformers and extensive LV switchgear designs.  

The parallel network schematic also showed the combination of turbine and diesel generation emergency power.    

Building Services aspects of the design included:

Key Objectives

  • Energy Centre and Cool – Moist and Dry Biome Plantroom sizing, riser designation and re-structuring, large containment double line drawings, major cable routes etc.
  • Extensive Photovoltaics with IGBT inverters and G83/1 considerations.
  • None specialist lighting design to back of house areas.
  • Lighting controls facilities for the specialist lighting design incorporating lighting racks and energy saving measures.
  • Emergency lighting and signage systems to BS 5266.
  • Complete aspiration coverage to the Biomes as a means of fire detection. Aspiration points place within the Biome grid-shell.
  • Hot-standby UPS also used on generators. 

  • Fire control facilities, fire-persons telephones, sprinkler systems, pressure stairways and PAVE system.  
  • Small power systems with IP54 sockets in Moist Biome
  • Electrical facilities for the disabled, such as disabled toilet call, refuge intercom and deaf alert.
  • Infrastructure distribution systems, including IT communications, security, access control, CCTV and mobile phone operators.
  • IGBT (transformer less and filter-less) UPS system to an N+N system configuration serving security, critical systems, fire systems.
  • 1.6mWe of steam turbine, eight 22kV/400V transformers
  • Design in association with electrical services for mechanical plant.