KIPO understand that experience and attention to detail are vital to the success of each business-critical project. We are trusted by our clients to bring extensive knowledge and experience to deliver designs for numerous data centre, energy centre and power station projects covering the UK, the US and Russia. Our reputation for producing world class, robust, and sustainable designs, are a testament to our commitment in providing forward thinking solutions that are specific to your business-critical requirements.

Data Centre and Power Systems Projects 

Megafon Data Centre Russia     (20MW 10kV/LV)    Concept Design
Google Data Centre       (4MW 11kV/LV)      Technical Review
Sberbank Data Centre      (22MW 50kV/20kV) Technical Review
Gmac Data Centre         (7MW LV)      Detailed Design
Reading Data Centre        (2MW LV)        Design to tender
The Authority Data Centre GCHQ (5.6MW 11kV/LV)   Concept Design
Network Rail Data Centre      (1MW LV)      Detailed Design 

Garrison Data Centre       (6MW 11kV/LV)    Detailed Design
Farnborough Data Centre     (4.8MW 11kV/LV)    Detailed Design 
Aquila Data Centre        (10MW 11kV/LV)      Concept Design
Symptosis Data Centre Russia   (20MW 10kV/LV)    Feasibility Study
Global Switch Amsterdam     (22MW 50kV/10kV)  Detailed Design
IBM Warwick Data Centre     (7MW 11kV/LV)       Detailed Design


Bath Data Centre

KIPO were responsible for designing the tier III data centre with the design of the medium voltage infrastructure and standby generation systems for 48MW.

  • 24 new 2.5mVA 11kV generators synchronised onto the SSE grid

  • Complex 11kV distribution systems, including hot standby controls, PMS and EMS systems

  • Short circuit and cable sizing calculations

  • Projection and Discrimination studies

  • Infrastructure ducts and cable trenches

  • Substation designs, including switchroom layouts, back up distribution, protection relay panels, alarms and controls

  • Lighting and emergency lighting systems external and internal

  • Security systems and UPS

Global Switch Amsterdam

KIPO were appointed on the Global Switch Amsterdam Data Centre to provide a detailed protection and discrimination study for the 50kV/10kV/LV distribution systems (21MW).

  • Study included UPS and DRUPS protection schemes, short-circuit power flow reviews, relay specification and high voltage installations.
  • The integration of 2 x 5MWe 11kV generators with 3 existing generators for the data centre.
  • Analysis of the generator cause and effect, the consequences to protection, the need for additional directional protection and to prevent nuisance under-voltage relay tripping was carried.

Bank AIG

New critical UPS system 250kVA UPS and dealer floor communications room and installation strategy.


Design of a complex data centre for IBM, including new rotary UPS hybrid systems alongside DRUPS and new static UPS systems to replace aging units. The infrastructure implementation was complex as extension switchgear to existing live boards were developed. We managed to install the new generator plant and new equipment despite spacial challenges.

Mitsubishi bank

Mitsubishi bank dealer floor and critical SER, CER with active blade equipment. 3 x 500kVA IGBT UPS systems and 2 x 1250kVA standby generators. Static switch PDU’s and salt and pepper configuration. 

British Telecom

Ilford & Watford telecom centres with LV restructuring and new cooling plant.

UBS bank

Design and corrective application to three data centres in London in Canary Wharf. 


Didcot Data Centre with NetworkRail, providing a detailed design solution.

St Pancras

CTRL critical systems design including N+1 UPS system designs & programming. Management of the project for 3 separate communications rooms designs with rack mounted modular IGBT UPS systems.

Additional projects

  • Virtus Data Centre programme software amendments to a Siemens relay, to enable the transformer inrush protection to work correctly.
  • West Burton Power Station (1.5GW) with 23MW of critical MV/LV distribution design for EDF CIT France. Lead technical sizing notes for all the EBOP (Electrical Balance of Plant) for a new build power station including, UPS, DC batteries, transformers, switchgears, cable sizing, detailed short circuit studies, selectivity, earthing and emergency generators.
  • Russian co-location data centre 2.2MW day 1 and 22.2MW final day scheme design to Tier III plus. Client presentations refinement of the tier level, time to build, cost to build, upfront infrastructure, architecture, topology, Reliability v’s Cost v’s PUE, Rotary UPS v’s Statics and site logistics.
  • Lavaca Bay LNG liquefaction facility, with 7 x 13.8MWe gas turbines at 13.8kV with 3 x 3MWe steam turbines, 7MWe feed gas compressors, 7MWe soft starters, step up transformers to a 138kV grid and critical UPS systems at N+N to NFPA and Ansi standards.
  • Russian bank data centre to Tier III plus rated at 20MW including technical checking role for other consultants’ designs.
  • Reading co-location data centre at 1.2MW with IGBT static UPS configured to N+1 cloud and standby generation N+1.
  • Farnborough Data Centre comprising the concept and detailed designs & build for 2MW of 2N+1 UPS and N+1 generation to Uptime tier III (plus).
  • Confidential data centre for government 7.7MW with 40kW super computers and 2N+1 UPS systems system’s and standby generation. Sub-consultant to a major consultant including feasibility report and site survey work.
  • GMAC Data Centre involving 2kW/cabinet blade server with leading power factor 2 x 500kVA IGBT UPS system and 2 diesel 1500kVA generators. Tier 3 system configuration with flexibility given at 1000w/m2 to the data centre.
  • Dutch, Russian and English projects with detailed concept reports for costing on containerised data centre solutions adapted to green field sites of various sizes.  

Specialist Engineering

To ensure the safe and correct functioning of your business-critical electrical systems in the event of faults (short circuits and overloads), it is important to carry out a discrimination study which identifies the protection that is needed at different levels of installation. It is a key aspect of an electrical system design that is often overlooked which can result in costly repairs not to mention downtime.

KIPO specialise in providing these studies that have been used by many projects including:

  • Global Switch Data Centre
  • Everest Data Centre
  • Reading Data Centre
  • West Burton Power-station
  • Excel Energy Centre- Generators & CHP
  • IBM Data Centre
  • 48 Mega Watt Data Centre MV Study

Technical Capabilities

  •  Over 100MW of diesel generator design to a program in the last 5 years.
  • Over 200MVA of UPS system designs in the last 5 years.
  • Evolution of UPS technical presentations.
  • UPS, Drups V’s Statics.
  •  PUE review.
  • Meter management, including strategic meter type placement, harmonic quality, Var’s and head end equipment. CMATIC or Pro-logic or equal systems.
  •  Power quality design and solution reviews, including detuned leading and lagging reactor banks and power factor correction, passive & active harmonic analysis and filtration. G54 recommendations.
  • BMS monitoring and control, points schedules, status and alarm and systems design.
  • Tier level system of configurations including tier levels 2, 3. N+1 and 2N configurations.
  • Detailed breaker protection and discrimination studies in relation to mission critical systems.
  • Site investigations and fault finding.
  • Checking 3rd party consultants’ internal and external works.
  • Pre-action sprinkler and gas suppression and aspiration detection systems.
  • Hot standby by UPS redundancy to generator systems.
  • Tier Level power systems specialist including SPOF, Availability and redundancy technical review.
  • Protection engineering for High/Medium Voltage Distribution Systems for 50kV/33kV/22kV/11kV/6.6kV and mains.

  • HV/MV design include demountable & fixed pattern switchgear (250mVA), relay selection and protection studies, CT and VT selection. Knowledge of ANCI codes, IEC symbols and standards. 11kV/6.6kV open/closed ring design applications.
  • Vacuum circuit breakers selection, generator and transformer differential protection and specialist relays such as “voltage restraint over-current protection” relays and the normal over-current protection.
  • Substation design, RMU’s, with-draw able, SF6, Vacuum Circuit Breakers and MV/LV Transformers, Earthing Systems, Protection systems, Grading Studies, short-circuit studies and power flow designs.
  • Medium voltage designs carried out on 50kV/33kV/22kV/11kV/10kV/6.6kV networks, including protection and selectivity studies, generation protection and distribution system engineering.
  • Design around manufacturer’s specific plant for switchgear, relays, transformers and distribution containment systems.
  • Use of ETAP, ERAC’s and Amtech software packages.
  • Motor controls, DCS, meter management and generator controls.
  • Critical DC and AC UPS systems, Tier levels and single point of failure analysis.
  • Design of heavy LV plant, including ACB’s, power factor correction, detuned reactor banks, earthing systems and protection systems.
  • Heavy power generation systems, embedded generation, turbines, generator load acceptance. calc’s, transformer inrush protection, generator performance class and switching cause and effect design for controllable breakers.
  • Cable sizing technical notes, EMC and harmonic studies.