Critical infrastructure

Our experience in designing all aspects of critical infrastructure projects have secured our appointments in multiple sectors such as data centres, hospitals and major leisure complexes. Our reputation for world class designs that are robust, sustainable and energy efficient are a testament to our commitment in providing our clients with honest guidance that is specific to each unique mission critical requirement. 

Critical power

Having diverse project experience is key to our success in providing clients with robust designs that safeguard critical infrastructure from power interruptions. Our foresight and holistic design strategy will allow all your business requirements to be approached with confidence.


Our expertise includes

  • Over 100MW of diesel generator design in the last 5 years 

  • Over 200MVA of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system designs in the last 5 years 

  • Meter management, including strategic meter type placement, harmonic quality, Var's and head end equipment. CMATIC or Pro-logic or equal systems

  • Power quality design and solution reviews, including detuned leading and lagging reactor banks and power factor correction, passive and active harmonic analysis and filtration. G54 recommendation

  • Hot standby by UPS redundancy to generator systems 

  • Detailed breaker protection and discrimination studies in relation to mission critical systems 

  • Pre-action sprinkler, gas suppression and aspiration detection systems

  • Tier level system of configurations including tier levels 2, 3. N+1 and 2N confirmations

  • BMS monitoring and control, points schedules, status, alarm and system design

  • 3rd party checks - internal and external

  • PUE review

  • Electrical testing

  • Site investigations and fault finding

  • LV/HV switchgear

  • Critical power energy audit

  • Combined heating and cooling (CHP)

  • Hot and cold-aisle containment 

  • Cooling and chiller systems